Oh là là! Today I arrived at work to find in my inbox a guest post by Elena Garshina of 4sqdayParis! Sounds like everyone had a great time and we hope that 4sqday has helped other 4sq communities grow and strengthened like this one in France. If you want to share your stories 4sqday stories, send them to nate@4sqday.com.

First of all, I’d like to say that over the past two years Foursquare has become very present in our everyday lives. With 4sq, we are traveling and exploring new cities, gaining new badges and ousting each other for mayorships. In a few words, we really love this tool! So, obviously we try to keep track of the latest Foursquare news and updates. This is why, when it came to organize a 4sq Day event in France, we naturally decided to make our humble contribution.

Last year, a few Foursquare fans gathered on 4/16 to meet Naveen who was in Paris then (this guy rocks! He’s left his tips in almost all of the biggest French airports). But it was a private party, rather than a real swarm. Surprisingly, despite a significant number of French users there has been no real 4sq community in France so far. So, at first there was a very modest number of subscribers to the 4sq Day meetup in Paris. But thanks to the great efforts of 4sq and 4sqday teams, fans in Paris finally got together, being eager to unlock one of the swarm badges. And what is more, Paris became one of the first cities in the world to gather 50 participants to the local 4sq Day event.

It was really a special day! Actually, everything was perfect: nice weather, great venue (one of the most charming squares in Paris), and of course Parisian 4sq community members who were in high spirits. We were checking in, talking, having fun, and even playing foursquare (there were some real professionals among us!). We also held a drawing to give away the nice 4sq Day t-shirts. As far as I know, every winner got the right size.

And even though we could not unlock the ‘epic swarm’ badge this time, it will be ours sooner or later. Promised!

Here are some pictures from the event taken by our friend @richardying.

P.S. We can’t wait to know how other cities worldwide celebrated this 4sqday. It might be very helpful to us for next year’s swarm!