Happy Foursquare Day!!!! For the past 24 hours, I’ve been watching the Twitter stream of all the people getting their 4sqday 2011 badges. People are really excited. Amazing. Awesome. Stunning. 4sqday really is a holiday. Tons of media coverage and Googling “Foursquare Day” brings in over half a million hits for the first time ever!

I didn’t expect it to be like this. I was really burned out after 4sqday 2010. It was hard work. At the time, foursquare didn’t know what to make of us. The Tampa 4sqday team (especially Jessica Barnett), worked nonstop for 3 weeks to get the word out and scale 4sqday from a goofy optometry blog post to a global party. And we did.

But by 4/17, I was sick of it. I was VERY reluctant to have another 4sqday. I was perfectly willing to let it fade away, being remembered as one awesome, quirky day rather than attempt manufacture some sort of nostalgic, obligatory toast a year later.

But then an amazing thing happened.

People started reaching out to us, asking what 4sqday2011 was going to be like. They were asking how they could be involved. Foursquare communities didn’t exist prior to 4sqday2010 but were now strong and vibrant and ready for April 16th, 2011. We now have a foursquare media, thanks to blogs like About Foursquare, the About Foursquare Podcast, 4sqINDY’s 4sqchat, and others who try to get foursquare information out to users. Significantly, Walter Elly, Portsmouth Foursquare uber-organizer, became much more involved in global 4sqday planning and an implementation. He ensured that 4sqday had a presence at SXSWi. His vision, skill, and relentlessly positive attitude have been instrumental in making 4sqday11 a success.

Due to all of the creative, fun foursquare fans around the world, planning and implementing 4sqday has been fun. I LOVE the fantastic community logos that have sprung up (Atlanta and Groningen are two examples.) The video responses from fans all over the word to 4sqINDY’s request are very fun to watch. If you haven’t seen them all, watch here.

The number and diversity of city proclamations has been outstanding.  It shows the influence that social media users and local independent business can have in their community and it put mayors in communication with social media leaders. Perhaps most importantly it is HUGE signal to other mayors and community leaders that they need to get with the program!

And let’s not forget the charitable causes. 4sqday events collected food, donated money to Japan disaster victims, supported the Red Cross, Humane Society and much more. We love the fact that 4sqday helped contribute to these causes in a spontaneous, grassroots way.

And truly, none of this would be possible without foursquare. And they have been FANTASTIC. They have worked hard to find that balance between being respectful of the grassroots nature of 4sqday and supporting the day. This is NOT easy to do, but they have worked nonstop since SXSWi to help make 4sqday awesome. The 4sqday badge and shirts were great! Sending out 125 boxes of swag all over the world for free on short notice was amazing. Party horns – nice touch!

Everyone at foursquare has been super, but special shout outs go to Anna and Nina. You can find them in foursquare’s very sweet and funny 4sqday video. If you haven’t seen it, do so now.

So what is next for 4sqday? Well, we don’t know exactly. The 4sqday team has to catch up on some sleep, go through a lot of email, and spend some time with our families. Then we’ll start laying the groundwork for April 16, 2012.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep growing your foursquare community!
  • Let us know if you’d like to receive email about future 4sqday events.
  • Connect with the dynamic people who attended 4sqday meetups.
  • Send any links to any 4sqday news coverage to press@4sqday.com
  • Submit any 4sqday artwork, photos, videos for us to share with others here.
  • Help us update the Wikipedia page. 2011 needs to be represented!
  • And of course, keep checking in!

Thanks, everyone 4sqday 2011 has been a blast! THANK YOU!