Late last night, while I was enjoying a nice Fat Tire, checking out the Untappd 4sqday map, and participating in the special Foursquare Day Eve #4sqchat, I spotted a tweet from Chad. It included this link to the page that shows all of the Gowalla users who are getting a “Foursixteen Pin.

With the pin Gowalla says, “Share a check-in with your Foursquare friends on Foursquare Day, 4/16, to earn a shiny new pin!

As soon as I saw it, I was really moved. I am so happy that Gowalla users are able to participate in 4sqday in their own way with their own app! From the very beginning, I wanted Foursquare Day to be enjoyed by all people. To illustrate this, the very first bullet in the Foursquare Day Community Guidelines from last year was “Exclude no one.”

Foursquare Day is about social media and community. The fact that Gowalla went out of their way to participate in 4sqday shows how strongly they are committed to the community. It was very classy and fun, and while I have never met the Gowalla team, I’ve only heard great things about how amazingly cool they are. Gowalla gladly sponsored the most recent Barcamp Tampa and the Tampa digerati appreciated it.

So all you foursquare fans, while you are out there checking in, take a moment and check Gowalla and other services new to you. Please show Gowalla some love and let them know what a fine operation you think they are. As Chad said: