Great news! Checkin visualization solutions LocaModa and ScreenScape have announced that they are providing free checkin visualizations for every venue on Foursquare Day! This is perfect for putting on a projector or monitor at Foursquare Day events, here’s the details:

LocaModa is offering two visualization options on Foursquare Day venue-only and venue + #4sqday stream visualizations. To tune the visualizations for your venue just copy the venue id at the end of a URL and paste it over the id number at the end of the locamoda URLs (the number before the equals sign).

ScreenScape lets you create custom visualizations and Foursquare Day partner About Foursquare has a solid writeup on how to make the most out of ScreenScape on Foursquare Day.

Both visualization options require an internet connection and Adobe Flash to be installed to work. Check them out and see if you can use BOTH of them on Foursquare Day! Then be sure to take a photo of these great visualizations in action and post them to our tumblr!