With less than 24 hours to go till Foursquare Day we wanted to share this post on how to ROCK on Saturday so you can have as much fun as possible on 4/16! Here’s how:

  1. Find and attend a local Foursquare Day event (and bring a friend new to foursquare!) or get some friends together and have your own party (here’s some ideas on what to do)!
  2. Go out and check in at a local business! Try foursquare’s new Explore function while you’re out! Many businesses are posting Foursquare Day specials, check in and let them know you appreciate it!
  3. Unlock the Foursquare Day foursquare badge (how to unlock it remains a mystery and figuring out how to unlock it is part of the fun of the day!)
  4. Share your checkins on Twitter and Facebook and tag them with #4sqday!
  5. Celebrate at 4:16pm in your local time! Blow a party horn, tweet Happy #4sqday! on Twitter, go wild!
  6. Watch all the Happy Foursquare Day videos from around the world (and post your own)
  7. Participate in the global Foursquare Day video chat (here’s how)
  8. Check out everyone’s tweets by watching the #4sqday Twitter stream
  9. Checkin on foursquare using untappd (if you’re over 21) for more Foursquare Day Fun!
  10. Post pictures (try using Instagram!) and videos, tag them with 4sqday, then upload your favorites to the 4sqday tumblr blog!

How are YOU rocking Foursquare Day? Let us know in the comments section below!