Less than 48 hours left on the Foursquare Day countdown clock (which in Foursquare Day 2010 time is like a week!) and there’s still plenty of time to plan something for Foursquare Day! We wanted to open up the comments to find out how you plan to celebrate Foursquare Day (please let us know!) and give you some inspiration through some of the fun and interesting ways people around the world are celebrating, check it out!

    Help Charity

  • Las Vegas is having a food truck festival for Foursquare Day with a ‘favorite food truck canned food drive’ where people bring can of food and donate them to the food truck that is their favorite!
  • San Francisco is having a foursquare day event to raise money for Tsunami relief!
  • Portland is also raising money for Tsunami relief with their event venue donating $1 per checkin to Red Cross relief efforts in Japan!
  • Kalamazoo has organized a volunteer 4sqday group to serve breakfast at their local community ministry on 4/16!
  • Tampa is fundraising for the Red Cross and the Red Cross will be on hand at their event on Foursquare Day to provide CPR training so people can “check in prepared” wherever they go!
  • Portsmouth is helping to raise money for a local charity benefit via The New Hampshire Roller Derby’s home season opener on 4/16!
    Teach others about foursquare

  • Indianapolis is hosting a conference for users, business owners, marketers, API developers and nonprofits to learn more about how foursquare can make them successful!
  • Portsmouth is having a speaker at their kick-off event that will discuss how to get the most out of foursquare for newcomers and veterans alike!
  • Pune is holding a conference with 8 speakers lined up covering most popular social networks and how individuals & businesses can use them!
    Foursquare Food Fun

  • Victoria will have a large Foursquare Day cake – and they plan to blow out candles on the cake at 4:16pm on 4/16!
  • Corpus Christi will have Vanilla Honey cupcakes with swarm bees (and the cool flags you seen in the picture at the top of this article) as well as a foursquare-themed gelato, blue with purple candy balls!
    Play Four Square – The One With The Ball!

  • Boston is inviting everyone to come out and play the old schoolyard game of four square, foursquare’s namesake.

Wow! So much fun happening on Foursquare Day and that’s just a tiny slice of all the fun happening at the hundreds of parties going on around the world in honor of Foursquare Day! So, please tell us in the comments what your plans are to celebrate Foursquare Day. We wanna know even if it’s simply going out and checking in at your favorite spot with some friends then sitting back and watching the #4sqday twitter stream (which, by the way, is pretty awesome!) Have fun and Happy Foursquare Day!

Image Credit: 4sqCC