This time of year, just before 4sqday, there are always a huge number of super-exciting announcements. (For example, did you see what McDonald’s is doing for 4sqday?)  There are tons of things going on and more announcements that we have to make, so stay tuned!

However, I’m ESPECIALLY excited about this one… Or maybe it’s just the beer. No, I’m pretty sure it is because our partners at Untappd are super awesome in their unyielding quest to make an app that is both fun and functional for both users and developers.  In their blog post this morning, they’ve made some really cool announcements that I am pretty certain our fans will like!

First and foremost is the Untappd Badge:

Like they do for a lot of major holidays, the guys at Untappd have designed an Untappd badge that can only be unlocked on 4sqday. Check it out above. They did the unimaginable. They took our volcano and made it BETTER by pouring beer on it! I’m stunned by how cool this is!

From their blog, Untappd says, “In order to earn this badge, you must check-in with a location and share that location to your linked foursquare account from Untappd on Saturday, April 16th.” It is that easy. And just to be clear, this is how you unlock the Untappd badge, we still do not exactly know precisely how to unlock the foursquare badge itself for 4sqday.

Any normal startup that celebrates 4sqday would probably stop there, but not these guys. In addition to the badge, Untappd has dedicated an entire page to 4sqday. You can check it out right this very minute at

It is amazing.  First, because foursquare has such awesome, easy to use API, the guys at Untappd were able to create a 4sqday map to show you where and what everyone is drinking (Similar to the SXSWi page they had). I tried it out this morning (below) and I’m happy to report that it works BEAUTIFULLY!


The map is created from all the beer check ins that share the location with foursquare, so if you you’ve been a bit lazy about sharing location  when checking in to your beers, get on it! We want to see that map lighting up! Especially when the Untappd 4sqday page also shows trends of beers, locations. and cities. To learn more about these features, check Untappd’s blog here.

We love it! Untappd is perfect for the beer-lover who likes to get out try different craft beers. It is a social beer diary and it improves all the time. But it is also for the casual beer drinker that just wants to add a little bit of interactive quality to their nights out. Check it out and check in to a beer with Untappd. We do!