UPDATE: We’ve been notified that there is a slight change to the shirt contest to ensure fairness. Instead of a first-come giveaway McDonald’s will award 100 shirts to crowned mayors randomly throughout the day. That way dinner guests have the same chance as early risers. Also because this will be spread throughout the day, McDonald’s will not start notifying winners until Monday. At this time, the contest is US only, due to the complex national contest rules of various countries. If there are any additional changes, we’ll let you know – 4sqday team.


Just before Foursquare Day 2010, McDonald’s made a big splash by joining us on April 16th! @MissDestructo wrote this post for us last year saying, “We are very proud to announce that McDonald’s is joining the celebration of Foursquare Day by offering special deals for Foursquare users on April 16th 2010.”

This was a fun addition to Foursquare Day for people all over the country, but it was also a smart move on McDonald’s part. As documented on Mashable and other new outlets, Rick Wion, Social Media Director for McDonald’s, reported that check-ins to the restaurant increased 33% on Foursquare Day. That is sizable, considering how small foursquare was a year ago.

Vintage Mayor McCheese!

This year, I have the honor of unveiling McDonald’s 4sqday campaign, and I think that it is freakin’ BRILLIANT. See the phenomenally cool shirt to the right? The one with the ORIGINAL McDonald’s mayor, the honorable McCheese? This year McDonald’s is giving one hundred of them away!

Says Wion of the awesome cheese-colored shirts:

The vintage shirts are rare outside of the company, and I thought would be a great way to say thanks to our customers that are also the most avid users of foursquare.

Want one? Here is how to get your hands on one: McDonald’s is giving out these amazing shirts for free to the first 100 mayors that they see crowned on 4/16. So if you are 2 or 3 days away from becoming mayor of your local McDonald’s… just check in a few times this week! Already the mayor? Find another McDonald’s restaurant in your area and use a, um, little “strategery” to time it so that you can claim that mayorship on Saturday! If have the mayorship, lost it, and then re-gain the crown on 4/16 they, you would also be eligible. The more McDonald’s restaurants that you attempt to earn mayorship on Saturday, then the greater your chances of winning a shirt!

Don’t forget to follow the official McDonald’s twitter account at  @McDonalds for updates and Foursquare Day info.You may also have a local account in your area  (like ours, @McdTampaBay), so follow them, too!

So what do you think? Want one of those shirts? I do!