We’ve been working with Eleanor Prior (AKA @TheLVTweetUP) for some time about her AMAZING idea for a 4sqday event. As you can tell she is passionate about food, passionate about Las Vegas, and passionate about social media, so we thought it would be best if she told the story in her own words. Makes us wish we were going to be in Las Vegas on April 16th!!

(Also, want to share what fantastic thing your community is doing? Email your story to Nate@4sqday.com. Thanks!)


This year The Las Vegas Tweetup wanted to focus on helping small business via Tweetups. Being that I love to eat, and the Foodtrucks being the new phenomena to hit the streets here in Vegas it just made perfect sense to team up with them for Foursquare Day! We are celebrating #4sqday with the Foodtrucks here in Las Vegas at Plant World Nursery, our generous host!

The excitement keeps building, we now have a local non profit participating with us on Foursquare day Three Square. Three Square is the Las Vegas Valley’s food hub, where donated and rescued food can be collected and distributed. They provide bakery, produce, dairy, non-perishable products and ready-to-eat meals to non-profit and faith-based organizations. They also facilitate childhood and senior nutrition programs. Three Square is a place for members of the community to meet, serve and collaborate as part of the food solution.

So exactly how are they participating?  It’s all about friendly competition between the Foodtrucks for a food drive benefiting our community! Each truck will have a @ThreeSquareLV barrel in front of them and will be competing for the “Las Vegas’ Favorite Foodtruck Award“.

So if our attendees are a total Truck Foodie and have multiple trucks they love, no worries they can bring a canned food item for each. If they are really in love with a particular truck they can shower that truck with love aka multiple cans! As you can see the Foodtrucks are the perfect way to set #4sqdayvegas on fire, We are hoping for 16 Trucks to delight your tastebuds while checking in (currently 15 are confirmed) and earning multiple badges. The badges (beside the new 4sqday badge we are seeking) are the Ziggy’s Wagon badge, and multiple Swarm Badges.

I have not made it to all the trucks to try them out personally but here is a sneak peak video I made featuring the trucks:


Some of the Foodtrucks I have tried are @Sloppijos , @TopNotchBBQ, @CurbsideCafeLV, @SnOwONOShaveIce (my daughter takes orders on this truck) and @GrouchyJohns. I will tell you a little about them to, my way of giving you a tip / a to do to check out on Foursquare.com.

@Sloppijos “Roving Eatery – Eat Me I’m Delicious” When I first found out about Jolene and that her menu was going to be designed around New Mexico Hatch Green Chile’s I went back to my childhood I was raised on hatch chile’s if mom wasn’t cooking with them my Tia was. You haven’t had breakfast if you haven’t had a sloppijo or her breakfast burrito!

Then there is @TopNotchBBQ and when James and Valentino say they are “Smokin’ in the Vegas Desert” it ain’t no joke (excuse my slang). Their Baked BBQ Beans have sliced hotlinks, and their Cincinnati Chilli Cheese Fries are a french fry lovers dream. Top Notch BBQ is so good one of Las Vegas Foodie’s John Curtas just says it better then I can. http://www.eatinglv.com/2011/01/top-notch-barbecue

Yet another, @CurbsideCafeLV. I love Calamari and their Calamari Tacos where worth the hour wait that it took me to reach the front of their line. My only regret was not ordering more.

Everyone knows I can’t function with out my coffee! @GrouchyJohns is the fullfilment of a prophecy that a man will rise out of the wasteland to save us from the evils of bad coffee, and Grouchy John is that man! Sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) I am adventurous, so when I got to try Grouchy Johns coffee for the first time I had him make me an ice coffee surprise with soy milk. The surprise was the delight of peppermint trickling down my throat.

@SnOwONOShaveIce has my heart right now! Demonstrating the power of social media and building relationships! I was talking to Mariane whom I met via Twitter and Facebook about how my 17 year daughter couldn’t find a job and the rest is history: my little girl is now her little girl! All this and we hadn’t even met in real life yet. So when I got my first taste of @SnOwONOShaveIce it was like I flew to Hawaii (which I never have been to the islands). One flavor she has for summer is “Rose Water” and it tastes just like it’s name. If you have never had shaved ice you are missing out, it’s nothing and I repeat nothing like a snow cone.

These are just a sampling of the wonderful foodtrucks here in Vegas, as you can see I could talk about them all for forever.

Below you will find 3 Twitter Lists created by @Mitzula, @Vegasfoodtrucks, and myself.


Please follow this list for #4sqdayvegas:


My hope for #4sqday #4sqdayvegas is to build awareness of the power of location based social networks. Not just the side where the venue benefits but how the loyal followers reap the benefits and enjoy competing with each other for mayorship at their favorite venues while leaving tips and to do’s for their fellow Foursquare users!

Now here is a list of all the #Foodtruck participants: