Hello Foursquare Day fanatics everywhere!

With less than TWO WEEKS to go until the big day, we’ve got a lot of excited news, updates and reminders. But since we are all volunteers with day jobs and families, we don’t have time to write posts for all of these things individually.  So instead we’ve decided to just lump it all together in one big MONSTER UPDATE!

Official foursquare party packs!
Huge hats off to the official foursquare team for providing the party kits! Super cool of them to support the grass-roots effort and provide these for FREE to qualifying communities. It will have fun stuff for all the swarm attendees and a few shirts. We are in the process of collecting mailing addresses, so look for some communication. If you’ve already provided us with that info – awesome you rock! We are under a super-tight deadline so way may not have time to immediate confirm your info.

How to respond with your 4sqday Video Shoutouts!
Thanks to Andy for getting the ball rolling on the 4sqday Shoutout video project! We’ve got responses rolling in from all over. Thanks to those who have participated – very cool. Now we want to see YOU! If you’ve had trouble figuring out how to submit a response, it is easy:

  • Go to the original video.
  • Click inside the box immediately below “All comments.”
  • To the right, click on “Create a video response.”
  • Either select or upload your video!

Check in for Charity!
We know that many of you are including some great charitable organizations in your 4sqday events. Some, like 4sqdaySF and 4sqdayPDX, are organizing benefits for Japanese disaster victims. Others, like 4sqMOCO and 4sqdayBoston are supporting food banks. 4sqdayTampa is supporting the Red Cross. Portsmouth is supporting the Alisa Alves Fund We are certain there are other charitable events going on for 4sqday, so be sure and let us know if we don’t have you down!

Record Store Day!
In case you hadn’t see our tweets about it, Foursquare Day is also Record Store Day! So while you you are out and about on 4sqday be sure to check into a few record stores. Pick up some new tunes or some old vinyl! Lots of locals shops s like Tampa’s Mojo Books& Music and are throwing killer Record Store Day parties, too!

4sqday Proclamations
We’ve had a flurry of activity on the proclamation front, including this awesome one from Israel today!! Please check the proclamations page and if we’ve missed any, or you have pictures or video links let us know! We don’t want to miss anyone!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these items please send and email to help@4sqday.com. And remember – if there isn’t an event in your area, it is not too late to start one!