Yesterday during #4sqchat Twitter chat and on the About Foursquare podcast we announced the new Foursquare Day 2011 event hosted on foursquare’s platform that works with our map of meetups on the homepage. Today we’re proud to announce the news that if you can get 50 people (or more) to sign up for your Foursquare Day meetup on the site then foursquare is offering to send a free swag kit to you to help make your Foursquare Day event ROCK! Expect to see things like pins, stickers, name tags, banners, even a few t-shirts and maybe party hats in the kits! With 4/16 coming up quickly the window of opportunity to get a swag pack won’t remain open long, so get going! UPDATE: The deadline to get 50+ people and get a swag pack is Monday April 4th at 4:16 pm eastern time, so get moving! Here’s how:

To get going on planning your Foursquare Day using meetup simply go to the foursquare meetup site, find and click on your community in the list or use the search box to see if you need to create a new community listing. Then simply click Count Me In next to the Foursquare Day 2011 Worldwide Meetup Day listing on your community’s page.

Next take a look at your community’s Foursquare Day 2011 meetup page to see if others have already started planning an event. Also please double check that your city isn’t already covered in our Foursquare Day local organizers database and if so please contact the organizers to get them to join meetup (show them this post!). Then start editing the details of the meetup and getting friends to join you to celebrate Foursquare Day! Get 50 people to join you and foursquare will send you that awesome swag pack we mentioned!

Organizers have full control over their local meetups and can update the event with information about their day, local business participation/specials, sponsors, etc. Everyone who is attending will get updated automatically with the new information you add. Please note: If you are an event organizer be sure to also register with us at Foursquare Day local so we can have your contact information on file.

But that’s not all- in addition to free swag, the new meetup site has created a friendly competition between Foursquare Day cities via their worldwide participation leaderboard. The prize for claiming the top spot is worldwide fame and bragging rights for the rest of the year until Foursquare Day 2012!

In addition to hosting and attending a meetup, here are some other great ways to celebrate Foursquare Day:

– Get local businesses involved by encouraging them to offer a foursquare special or deal on 4/16. Get started here.

– Get your town’s mayor to declare 4/16 as the official Foursquare Day – it’s actually easier than it sounds! Learn how others did it here.

– Post a “Happy Foursquare Day” video response to this video (simply record and upload a video to youtube, then go back to the video and click in the comments box and then select “or post a video response”. Then be sure to watch all the video responses from around the world on 4/16.

– Play the actual game of foursquare on 4/16 (yes, the one with the ball)! It’s simple, here’s how.

Good luck everyone and Happy Foursquare Day!