We had such a great time at SXSW Interactive this year spreading the Foursquare Day word! We got to introduce the idea of Foursquare Day to tons of new people and handed out hundreds of Foursquare Day cards (special thanks to Infinite Imaging for designing and donating them at the last minute!). We also got to meet all the awesome Foursquare Day fans who were at SXSW and together we all kicked off the countdown to Foursquare Day online via Ustream in Tampa and out in Austin at our very own SXSW event!

To catch you up on the action we put together a video showing some of the sights of SXSW as well as a peek at what went down at our kickoff party. Check it out (also available in HD) and be sure to join in on making a short happy Foursquare Day video, then be sure to register your town’s Foursquare Day celebration with us and stay tuned for further announcements!