Because Foursquare Day is (and always has been) a grass-roots effort, we love when foursquare users contact us with original ideas to make celebrating 4/16 even more fun. These can come in all kinds of forms, both online and offline. Dwayne Kilbourne had one such idea about creating a Global Venue for Foursquare Day and we’re happy to feature him a guest blogger to share the idea.

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Just like how so many sports fans look forward to celebrating the Super Bowl each February, social media enthusiasts are eagerly excited for April 16, 2011. Why is that? Well, that is when we will gather together and celebrate Foursquare Day! Foursquare continues to grow at a very strong pace, and, with over 7.5 million avid users, this year’s celebration will be bigger than ever. Also, we are proud to say that many of the local political representatives have jumped on board this year, and some cities have even proclaimed April 16, 2011, as the official Foursquare Day in their respective cities and towns! We’ve come a long way in just one year, and that is just one reason why this is such a great opportunity for foursquare to make a global venue as they did for this past Super Bowl and engage the foursquare community! So many local gatherings are being planned by our vast array of foursquare communities, and making a Foursquare Day global venue would be the icing on the cake!

Thus far, foursquare has not created another global venue since the Super Bowl (apparently, it was a trial run of sorts), but, since Foursquare Day only takes place one day per year (like the Super Bowl), it is a great opportunity to give it a go! Plus, I would expect an even greater number of check-ins at this global venue compared to 220,000 total check-ins by the 130,000 users at the Super Bowl global venue!

Imagine this: it is April 16, 2011, and the second annual Foursquare Day is underway; people all over the world are sharing their excitement for this celebration by checking in and shouting out what they are doing – some are even uploading pictures when they check-in to this global venue! By checking in to the global venue, users unlock a Foursquare Day 2011 badge. Better yet, foursquare adds a check-in special to this venue, giving everybody a coupon code to be redeemed at their awesome Foursquare Gear Store! Please know that I cannot take credit for the latter (global venue special) idea, for that is Elaine’s (the better half of 4sqLoveStory) masterful idea!

Talk about a win for everybody, and I truly hope this vision (or a similar vision) becomes reality! What do you think? Should Foursquare Day be the next global venue? I sure think so, but I want your thoughts! If you like the idea, we ask that you sign my petition and spread the word – help us reach 1000 signatures and show foursquare that you want to see this come to fruition!

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