OK 4sq Party People! You have about 24 hours left to get your video shouts in for the Foursquare Day Kickoff!! To try to set the mood a bit, we’ve rounded up our favorite Foursquare Videos from 2010 to share with you all in one place. So check out these videos, grab your Flip or phone or your webcam and tell us your name, where you’re located, and what you’ll be doing to celebrate Foursquare Day!

What could be simpler?!? So do it. Now. Film the shout out before something else happens. 🙂

Now, here are the videos:

This one is awesome because it features our own blog manager Walter Elly and our Facebook page admin Brian DeKoning on mainstream media news!

The one shows you how fun Foursquare Day is!

Our Pune friends share their feelings for Foursquare Day with creepy night vision! 🙂

This was the first great Foursquare Day “How To”

There were a lot of Google “Search On” videos. This one had good images & music.

See. They found out online.

This guys is awesome. After making grilled cheese, working out, and playing with his kid,
he finally talks about foursquare.

This was the most exciting video from last year from a local community!

We’re not sure what they are saying, but they went all out!

Couldn’t resisting getting a @CateTV Tampa Swarm video in!

This psuedo-retro-future-is-now-was-last-year thing going totally works!