We are happy to feature a special guest post from Sandra Rand, a marketing consultant and foursquare enabler living in Portsmouth NH. It’s her story about Foursquare Day 2010 and her upcoming Foursquare Day 2011.

It seems Foursquare Day and I are just not meant to be.

I live in Portsmouth, NH, one of the top cities that participated in Foursquare Day 2010, and have been an active user of foursquare since I overtook the title of mayor at my favorite local brewery more than a year ago (that I have since lost). Enthusiasm for social media is high in Portsmouth, and the buzz about the Inaugural Foursquare Day quickly rippled throughout the state. The list of participating establishments was impressive, and I felt a day-long game plan was in order. Breakfast and 10% off at Caffe Kilim, a 10% off mid-morning cupcake at Old Stove Bakery, a $7.95 burger / beer combo for lunch at Gaslight, 25% off my dinner entrée at Common Man, not to mention the 4 swarms, a free wine tasting, and ordering 20% off my favorite local photographer’s prints.

And then it happened. Two days before April 16, 2010, my Blackberry gave me the white screen of death (mere hours after downloading Twitter’s beta app – coincidence?). After an unproductive trip to the Verizon store and a couple hours on the phone with tech support, I was given the news – my Blackberry was dead, and no factory reset could bring it back. My replacement phone was in the mail, not to be received until the following week. My date with Foursquare Day became a vicarious, though envious, celebration through friends.

This year, with my healthy Droid X in hand, I’m faced with yet another obstacle to fully partake in Portsmouth’s Foursquare Day. My cousin is getting married on April 16, and though I will have the technical capabilities to celebrate, my required presence at her nuptials two hours from Portsmouth limits my participation. I’ll happily give a shout out to the newlyweds as I check in to the chapel, but feel it is my duty as an enthusiastic foursquare user to inform the reception venue of the day’s significance before we all arrive. Perhaps a complimentary cocktail (assuming it isn’t open bar), discounted guestrooms, or extended pool hours for the kids could be part of the offering. Who knows, maybe after experiencing a perk like a free drink, my family will finally listen to me about the wonders and benefits of my favorite location-based service.

With all of that being said, I am determined to partake in at least one morning special in Portsmouth before having to shuffle off to New Hampshire’s lakes region. Who wants to meet up for breakfast?

Image: PK / JG 2010 badge, 4squarebadges.com