We are pleased to feature a special guest post from Rachel Giere, “the other half of @4sqCincy.” Foursquare Cincinnati was the first to get their city of Cincinnati Ohio to declare April 16th, 2011 as Foursquare Day! Read on below to learn how they did it, then let us know that you’re working on it and we’ll add you to the proclamation tracking page!

BONUS: Here’s the proclamation draft they sent to their mayor’s office. Rachel says everyone is free to use it as a sample or rough draft or just swap out the specifics and use it in your own effort! Thanks Rachel!

Ok, so you want to get Foursquare Day proclaimed in your neighborhood. Awesome! It was actually quite easy for Cincinnati, and I was surprised at how fast the whole procedure actually turned around!

Me and Chris (the other half of 4sqCincy) threw around the idea in a few DM’s on twitter. I took some bits and pieces from 4sqIndy’s letter to the mayor (as I thought it was pretty great and said what needed to be said quite well), and was trying to rework it to fit Cincinnati, without totally ripping them off. A few more messages back and forth trying to get the kinks out and Chris sent me a link. I highly suggest checking out your city’s government home page and seeing if they don’t have certain requirements for proclamations/contacts.

Fortunately, they offered a sample of a proclamation. I used it and inserted some facts, figures, ego boosting, into it, had Chris take an editing look and make sure I wasn’t completely off my rocker, and away it went. I received an email a few days later saying they had received it, and would let me know shortly. Lets just say that week or so was one of the longest I’ve had in awhile. But soon enough, I got an email from the mayors secretary saying the document was ready to be picked up and Bam! I’m driving to City Hall on my lunch break the next day.

At this point, I was still expecting to have a form letter telling me I was crazy, and things like this should be reserved for amazing heroics, or martyrdom, or a rocking pet, etc. But to my surprise the assistant there made a copy put the ribbon on it, slid it in an envelope tada!

Now it may have helped Cincinnati a little as our mayor is on Twitter, and the city is very active in social media already. This is one of those things though, that the worst they can do is say No. All it took was a little word working on my part and an email or two, and poof, hard part over! If anyone would like you are more than welcome to use the wording, or use it as an example. I highly suggest first off looking into what needs to be done for a proclamation in your city, and do that soon. I was told it would take 3-4 weeks, although it only took one. Then when the hard parts over, you can hopefully have much more leverage to reach out to those local businesses and venues and really get planning an awesome 4sq Day!