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Yesterday during #4sqchat Twitter chat and on the About Foursquare podcast we announced the new Foursquare Day 2011 event hosted on foursquare’s platform that works with our map of meetups on the homepage. Today we’re proud to announce the news that if you can get 50 people (or more) to sign up for your Foursquare Day meetup on the site then foursquare is offering to send a free swag kit to you to help make your Foursquare Day event ROCK! Expect to see things like pins, stickers, name tags, banners, even a few t-shirts and maybe party hats in the kits! With 4/16 coming up quickly the window of opportunity to get a swag pack won’t remain open long, so get going! UPDATE: The deadline to get 50+ people and get a swag pack is Monday April 4th at 4:16 pm eastern time, so get moving! Here’s how:

To get going on planning your Foursquare Day using meetup simply go to the foursquare meetup site, find and click on your community in the list or use the search box to see if you need to create a new community listing. Then simply click Count Me In next to the Foursquare Day 2011 Worldwide Meetup Day listing on your community’s page.

Next take a look at your community’s Foursquare Day 2011 meetup page to see if others have already started planning an event. Also please double check that your city isn’t already covered in our Foursquare Day local organizers database and if so please contact the organizers to get them to join meetup (show them this post!). Then start editing the details of the meetup and getting friends to join you to celebrate Foursquare Day! Get 50 people to join you and foursquare will send you that awesome swag pack we mentioned!

Organizers have full control over their local meetups and can update the event with information about their day, local business participation/specials, sponsors, etc. Everyone who is attending will get updated automatically with the new information you add. Please note: If you are an event organizer be sure to also register with us at Foursquare Day local so we can have your contact information on file.

But that’s not all- in addition to free swag, the new meetup site has created a friendly competition between Foursquare Day cities via their worldwide participation leaderboard. The prize for claiming the top spot is worldwide fame and bragging rights for the rest of the year until Foursquare Day 2012!

In addition to hosting and attending a meetup, here are some other great ways to celebrate Foursquare Day:

– Get local businesses involved by encouraging them to offer a foursquare special or deal on 4/16. Get started here.

– Get your town’s mayor to declare 4/16 as the official Foursquare Day – it’s actually easier than it sounds! Learn how others did it here.

– Post a “Happy Foursquare Day” video response to this video (simply record and upload a video to youtube, then go back to the video and click in the comments box and then select “or post a video response”. Then be sure to watch all the video responses from around the world on 4/16.

– Play the actual game of foursquare on 4/16 (yes, the one with the ball)! It’s simple, here’s how.

Good luck everyone and Happy Foursquare Day!

We had such a great time at SXSW Interactive this year spreading the Foursquare Day word! We got to introduce the idea of Foursquare Day to tons of new people and handed out hundreds of Foursquare Day cards (special thanks to Infinite Imaging for designing and donating them at the last minute!). We also got to meet all the awesome Foursquare Day fans who were at SXSW and together we all kicked off the countdown to Foursquare Day online via Ustream in Tampa and out in Austin at our very own SXSW event!

To catch you up on the action we put together a video showing some of the sights of SXSW as well as a peek at what went down at our kickoff party. Check it out (also available in HD) and be sure to join in on making a short happy Foursquare Day video, then be sure to register your town’s Foursquare Day celebration with us and stay tuned for further announcements!

Because Foursquare Day is (and always has been) a grass-roots effort, we love when foursquare users contact us with original ideas to make celebrating 4/16 even more fun. These can come in all kinds of forms, both online and offline. Dwayne Kilbourne had one such idea about creating a Global Venue for Foursquare Day and we’re happy to feature him a guest blogger to share the idea.

If you want to read more by Dwayne or contact him directly, he blogs at


Just like how so many sports fans look forward to celebrating the Super Bowl each February, social media enthusiasts are eagerly excited for April 16, 2011. Why is that? Well, that is when we will gather together and celebrate Foursquare Day! Foursquare continues to grow at a very strong pace, and, with over 7.5 million avid users, this year’s celebration will be bigger than ever. Also, we are proud to say that many of the local political representatives have jumped on board this year, and some cities have even proclaimed April 16, 2011, as the official Foursquare Day in their respective cities and towns! We’ve come a long way in just one year, and that is just one reason why this is such a great opportunity for foursquare to make a global venue as they did for this past Super Bowl and engage the foursquare community! So many local gatherings are being planned by our vast array of foursquare communities, and making a Foursquare Day global venue would be the icing on the cake!

Thus far, foursquare has not created another global venue since the Super Bowl (apparently, it was a trial run of sorts), but, since Foursquare Day only takes place one day per year (like the Super Bowl), it is a great opportunity to give it a go! Plus, I would expect an even greater number of check-ins at this global venue compared to 220,000 total check-ins by the 130,000 users at the Super Bowl global venue!

Imagine this: it is April 16, 2011, and the second annual Foursquare Day is underway; people all over the world are sharing their excitement for this celebration by checking in and shouting out what they are doing – some are even uploading pictures when they check-in to this global venue! By checking in to the global venue, users unlock a Foursquare Day 2011 badge. Better yet, foursquare adds a check-in special to this venue, giving everybody a coupon code to be redeemed at their awesome Foursquare Gear Store! Please know that I cannot take credit for the latter (global venue special) idea, for that is Elaine’s (the better half of 4sqLoveStory) masterful idea!

Talk about a win for everybody, and I truly hope this vision (or a similar vision) becomes reality! What do you think? Should Foursquare Day be the next global venue? I sure think so, but I want your thoughts! If you like the idea, we ask that you sign my petition and spread the word – help us reach 1000 signatures and show foursquare that you want to see this come to fruition!

If YOU have an idea that you want to share – send it to!

One of the great things about this being the 2nd annual Foursquare Day is that we get to work with some of the same people who made the 2010 event so special. Last year Pacific Catch was one of the first venues to join us and we had a great time working together. We even had a swarm-to-swarm video call as part of the “Global Swarm” series.

This year Pacific Catch is going above and beyond. They have an extremely cute kickoff video. And immediately after the earthquake in Japan they were thinking about ways to use Foursquare to benefit the Japanese people. We’re please to feature their effort.


Pacific Catch Restaurants have announced that, on April 16th, its Ninth Avenue location will host an Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fundraiser in honor of Foursquare Day.

In 2010, Pacific Catch was one of the first to join Foursquare Day creator, Nate Bonilla-Warford of Tampa, to host a San Francisco 4sqday Swarm Badge party. Pacific Catch’s event specifically resulted in over 100-guest check-ins.

For this year’s event, Pacific Catch will be adding a charitable fundraising component to further spread the theme of “Connecting with the Community.” The restaurant will be partnering with Sapporo Beer to raise money for Japan earthquake relief.

“After talking to our Sapporo beer rep and hearing about how their company has personally experienced loss through the recent tragedy, we no longer needed to figure out who we were partnering with,” says Chamin Mills, Marketing Manager & Event Planner for Pacific Catch.

Proceeds from Sapporo beer sales, the sale of the limited-edition “4sqdaySF” tee shirts as well as a raffle from local San Francisco businesses will be donated to help sustain and rebuild Japan.

The event will also feature a “Pacific Catch-style” barbeque featuring tacos off the grill, beer & wine, live music provided by Latin Reggae/Salsa band, Manicato, as well as a special “Super Swarm” period between 2:00-4:00 pm where guests will gather and check-in to unlock the much coveted “Super Swarm” badge.

The 2nd Annual Pacific Catch Foursquare Day celebration will take place on Saturday, April 16th from 1:00-5:00 pm at Pacific Catch’s Ninth Avenue location (1200 9th Avenue) in San Francisco.

How can you be a part of Foursquare Day?

Check out the Foursquare Day Website and 4sqdaySF events page.

Follow on Twitter: @pacificcatch & @4sqdaySF

If you would like to donate a raffle prize or learn more about 4sqdaySF, contact Chamin Mills at

Missed the shoutout videos for the Foursquare Day kickoff party at SXSWi? Here they are!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! We really feel that local communities are the heart and soul of foursquare and Foursquare Day. While all of us here at Foursquare Day headquarters love connecting foursquare users,  we know that nothing really happens without people like yourself all over the world getting together, checking in,  and celebrating. We know having a successful Foursquare Day event in your community does take some time and preparation, but fortunately there is still plenty of time for you to make plans. We are here to help by providing you with all the resources that we can!

So read on, excited get, and go to it!

1. Familiarize yourself with Foursquare Day:

If you aren’t familiar look at the The Foursquare Day Story, and The Foursquare Day FAQ might be a good place to start. For some extended thoughts on what makes a local Foursquare Day event awesome visit the Community Guide to a Successful Foursquare Day, which was one of our most popular posts last year. For further information, check out RESOURCES.

2. Make sure you know how to stay in touch with Foursquare Day HQ:

Make sure you follow the official Foursquare Day foursquare account, Twitter account, “like” Foursquare Day on Facebook, and RSVP to the worldwide Foursquare Day 2011 meetup event. Encourage all the folks in your community to do the same.

3. Tell us that you’ll be celebrating Foursquare Day!

Everyone who’s celebrating Foursquare Day should click “count me in” on your town or cities Foursquare Day meetup page on If you don’t see your town be sure to add it, and if there’s no events listed for our town or city on meetup please consider planning one (and updating the meetup page)! If you do plan to organize an event be sure your town or city is also listed at Foursquare Day Local which is how we’re keeping track of all the organizers. If your community is already listed on Foursquare Day local then contact the community organizer and combine forces! Also, if you know there is a foursquare day event or community in your area that is not listed on meetup or on our organizer list then pelase contact them to see what they are planning and get them on the lists. Of course if there is no foursquare community in your area, go ahead and list yourself – you can add more info later as you know it.

4. Throw a Foursquare Day party on 4/16:

Consider creating a foursquare meetup community event on 4/16. For maximum impact, start planning as quickly as possible. Check out our post from last year on how to throw a great party for your community on Foursquare Day. Update your pages event with your new plans and then be sure to Tweet about your event and use the hashtag #4sqday!! Remember, one motivating factor for many participants is the Swarm badge. To get it you need to have at least 50 unique foursquare check-ins at the same venue within a single 3 hour period.

5. Get businesses involved

Encourage local businesses to sign up for foursquare using foursquare’s business signup page and then register a special offer for 4/16. Connect with your local chamber of commerce to superpower this effort. Then share the news of businesses in you area providing Foursquare Day offers within your community and go out and patronize those businesses on Foursquare Day! Additional ideas and resources for local businesses can be found here. Use those new foursquare ambassador cards!

6. Get the real Mayor of your town or city to proclaim 4/16 as Foursquare Day!!

We did it last year and you can do it, too! Check out all the cities that are currently working on this project, and add yours to the list if it’s not already there. Then read 4sqCincy’s blog post on how they got their Mayor to proclaim 4/16 as Fourquare Day.

7. Talk to the media!

Call up the newspapers and talk to your local TV and radio. Consider a press release. Foursquare Day, as a grassroots movement, makes a great and positive story. Use the global slogan, “Foursquare Day: When the World is Your Venue!” Maybe do something cool and newsy at exactly 4:16PM in your timezone. Don’t forget to post the pictures and the videos online!

8. And most importantly, have a great Foursquare Day!

Foursquare Day was born in March 2010 as an idea that since 4 squared equals 16 that we should all all go out and check-in on foursquare on the 4th month and 16th day of the year, April 16th. A few weeks after the idea was hatched over 300 cities joined together to celebrate 4/16/10 as Foursquare Day!

On Friday March 11th we’re celebrating the anniversary of the start of the Foursquare Day idea by officially kicking off the countdown to Foursquare Day 2011, 4/16/2011! You can join us to kick off the countdown in three ways:

  1. Join us by watching our live Ustream starting at 7pm eastern.
  2. Join us at SXSW in Austin, Texas.
  3. Join us at 4sqday HQ South in Tampa, FL.

Foursquare Day creator Nate Bonilla-Warford will be broadcasting live on the Foursquare Day Ustream channel from Tampa and at 7pm eastern will officially kick off the countdown. We’ll have the Ustream broadcast playing live at our SXSW event and we hope that you will join us too, either online or in real life, and take part in kicking off the countdown to Foursquare Day 2011: When the world is your venue!

OK 4sq Party People! You have about 24 hours left to get your video shouts in for the Foursquare Day Kickoff!! To try to set the mood a bit, we’ve rounded up our favorite Foursquare Videos from 2010 to share with you all in one place. So check out these videos, grab your Flip or phone or your webcam and tell us your name, where you’re located, and what you’ll be doing to celebrate Foursquare Day!

What could be simpler?!? So do it. Now. Film the shout out before something else happens. 🙂

Now, here are the videos:

This one is awesome because it features our own blog manager Walter Elly and our Facebook page admin Brian DeKoning on mainstream media news!

The one shows you how fun Foursquare Day is!

Our Pune friends share their feelings for Foursquare Day with creepy night vision! 🙂

This was the first great Foursquare Day “How To”

There were a lot of Google “Search On” videos. This one had good images & music.

See. They found out online.

This guys is awesome. After making grilled cheese, working out, and playing with his kid,
he finally talks about foursquare.

This was the most exciting video from last year from a local community!

We’re not sure what they are saying, but they went all out!

Couldn’t resisting getting a @CateTV Tampa Swarm video in!

This psuedo-retro-future-is-now-was-last-year thing going totally works!

Last year, around the start of South by Southwest (SXSW) 2010, the idea for Foursquare Day was born and the countdown was on. Just a few weeks after the idea was hatched over 300 cities joined together to celebrate 4/16/10 as Foursquare Day! To celebrate the anniversary of the start of Foursquare Day we’re gathering one year later at the start of SXSW 2011 in Austin, Texas on Friday March 11th to officially kick off the countdown to 4/16/2011, Foursquare Day 2011– and we want you all to join us, even if you can’t be at SXSW! Here’s how:

We’re inviting everyone to create a short 15-30 second video greeting to celebrate the kickoff of the countdown to Foursquare Day with your name, where you’re located and what you’ll be doing to celebrate Foursquare Day. Please post your video to YouTube and leave a comment on this blog post by Wednesday the 9th with a link to the video so we can know where to find it. Then on Friday we’ll have a special Ustream broadcast (time and channel to to be announced soon!) for everyone to tune into as part of the event at SXSW. During the broadcast we’ll share some of the best videos!

Watch this video shot at Foursquare Day HQ South earlier today by Foursquare Day founder Dr. Nate to get an idea for the kind of video we’re looking for and to learn more about how you can virtually take part in the kickoff event. Then we’ll see you in Austin on Friday, virtually or otherwise!