Foursquare Day is all about using foursquare and social media generally to explore your neighborhood. As we showed last year, foursquare’s reach is truly global. Thousands of people all over the world came together in just a few weeks to celebrate Foursquare Day. This year we want to bring the focus on the “hyper-local” benefits of foursquare. We want to help people on your street find venues in your neighborhood. We want this to happening happen throughout each city, state, country and around the world.

Help us spread the word about Foursquare by coming up with a Foursquare Day 2011 slogan! Put on your thinking caps and share with us your catchiest line that we can use turn people on to the hyper-local experience of  Foursquare Day. If we select your slogan, we’ll plaster it on everything that has Foursquare Day on it!  Use the additional space to explain WHY you think your slogan is awesome.

We’ll accept submission until February 16th. Then we’ll pick three slogans and have you vote on your choice! We cannot wait to see what amazingly creative stuff you guys can come up with!!

Submissions are closed! But you can still leave  a comment of support below! 🙂