Wow! The pace is really picking up at Foursquare Day HQ!  After our guest appearance on the About Foursquare podcast, people are really starting to talk about what they’ll be doing on April 16, 2011! Of course, #4sqday comes up for discussion in lots of places, but especially on Foursquare Chat.

If you don’t know, #4sqchat is one of the greatest places for current nitty-gritty foursquare discussion on the net, hosted by the 4sqIndy Team of Andy Huston (@Hust0058), Chris Banks (@CBanksIndy, and Chris Smith (@Chris_D_Smith). While I’m not able to attend every #4sqchat, I do always find the discussion to be lively, entertaining, and insightful. The tweets are fast and furious, so I definitely recommend TweetChat or similar app to keep up.

I am thrilled to announce that the upcoming #4sqchat held on Monday February 7th at 9 p.m. EST will be all about Foursquare Day! @4sqday will join the @4sqchat team in moderating the #4sqday Chat.  Although the chats are always interesting, this one will be especially topical for us.

Here are some of the points we’ll be covering:

  • General information about Foursquare Day4sqindy
  • The theme for 2011: HYPER-LOCAL
  • Some details about 4sqday 2011
  • Some special announcements
  • Opportunity for communities to announce their 4sqday plans
  • Ample time for questions and answers
  • Hopefully a few special guests. 🙂

For those that are unable to attend the chat, there is an archive of every chat posted soon afterward. Of course, we’ll update this blog with more specifics as we move forward.

Are you getting excited yet? You will be after #4sqchat!