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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Welcome to 2011! As much of a cliche as it is, I really can’t believe that last year has come and gone so quickly. It seems that just the other day we were gearing up for 4sqday2010. Of course, last year it wasn’t 4sqday2010, but just 4sqday. Everything was so new then. Foursquare had just over 500,000 users – a tenth what it has now. There were no foursquare communities. Super Swarms were brand. The idea of “epic swarms” seemed absurd.

Here is one of the biggest differences between now and then: Last year we had to spend most of our time educating people about what foursquare and 4sqday were. This year people are approaching us asking about 4sqday and how they can help. Talk about a seismic shift!

This week, Jessica Barnett and I were excited to kick off the promotion of this year’s 4sqday event by being guests on the About Foursquare Podcast. We talked with Ching and Eric about the new badges, the Ambassador Card and, of course, Foursquare Day.

Check it out! Leave a shoutout on the About Foursquare podcast page and let them know how it cool it was to have us. And remember – 4sqday is a grass-roots effort by the foursquare community, so if you’d like to get involved, let us know!