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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Before leaving for work, I shouted a quick good morning to my fine friends on foursquare. I like to send a shout every now and then that is not connected with a check-in or shared with Twitter or Facebook. To me, the foursquare shout is under-utilized. I think the isolated shout is important  because  it emphasizes that foursquare is not just a subset of Twitter or Facebook crowd- it is its own community.

But while I was keying in my shout, I had trouble finding the word after “good morning.” And thought,  “Is there a universal term for a person who uses foursquare? Just what do we call each other?”

So here are some things that ran through my mind:

  • foursquare user
  • check-in-er
  • foursquare member
  • foursquare fan
  • foursquare friend
  • foursquarer
  • checker-in

While “foursquare user” is probably the most proper, and “foursquare fan” the most fun, I went with “4sq-er” because it was it was, um, awkward and drew attention to itself.

I’m wondering what other terms and 4sq slang people use to refer to each other. So I now turn the question to the foursquare community itself:

What word do YOU use describe other people who use foursquare?

Leave your answer in the comments, and we’ll tally the responses and try to come to some consensus.


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