Foursquare friends, I’m glad to report that as a holiday, Foursquare Day has finally arrived! Certainly, being added to the Wikipedia Unofficial Observances page was nice, but that was not nearly as legitimizing as what happened today!

What happened? Well in a nutshell, Time NewsFeeed feels that Foursquare Day is a big enough holiday to deem “lame.” Check it out here.

Of course, it would be possible for us to be indignant – angry, even – at being called lame. It would also be possible to take the snide, “Time is so out of  touch that we wouldn’t want to be considered cool by them” attitude. Or even, “Time just included the ultra popular Foursquare Day in the mix to try to drive traffic because, let’s face it, no one really reads Time anyway.” But we are” glasses-half-full” kind of folks, so we won’t got there.

Instead, let’s take a look at the positive things that Time has to say:

  • “Social media darling-of-the-moment Foursquare”
  • “Does it really need a cutesy holiday too? Apparently so.”
  • “On April 16….  thousands came together…..”
  • “to celebrate by “checking in” to local locations through the Foursquare service.”
  • “… this homegrown affection is part of the reason the service is so popular.”
  • “Foursquare now has north of two million members.”
So if the worst that Time can say is that Foursquare Day is “hokey,” then we are totally OK with that. Seriously. As we enjoy an extended break before gearing up for Foursquare Day 2011, it is nice to get a reminder of how awesome – and impactful – the first Foursquare Day was.
If you have some ideas for #4sqday 2011, feel to tweet us at @4sqday and let us know what you are up to. We love good ideas!!