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Monthly Archives: June 2010

When we were developing Foursquare Day, we could tell we were on to something. Based on the feedback and the reception from individuals and communities world-wide, it was obvious that we were not merely holding an event, but helping to fill a niche. We were giving people a recognized opportunity to join together and reflect on how social media has changed our lives. Thus, the event became recognized as the first “social media holiday.”

In the limited time we had to get the word out, we encouraged all participants to involve not just foursquare users but everyone in the social media community and try to include as many charitable and community-based organizations as possible.

I am now very glad to see that Mashable has also acknowledged the need for a special day to celebrate social media. They have declared that Wednesday, June 30th, is Social Media Day. Using the new Meetups Everywhere tool, recently used by foursquare, there are now over 500 Social Media Day Meetups planned with over 5,500 people in attendance.

I am a little disappointed that Mashable, with its tremendously powerful platform, has not spent more time clarifying the underlying goals of Social Media Day. Beyond merely getting people to gather, is there an end result they are striving for?  It would also have been nice to have some mention of large-scale social media events like Twestival and, yes, Foursquare Day.

But beyond these minor quibbles, I think Social Media Day is an extremely positive development and I encourage everyone to participate. Check out the ways you can participate (and win a free¬† Sony Dash!) and then visit the Mashable Meetup Everywhere site and find the closest meetup near you. If there isn’t one, then create one! And, of course, don’t forget to check-in once you are there.

Since Tampa Bay is the home of Foursquare, I’d like to give a special plug for the Tampa Social Media Day meetup, started by Jordan Leonard, at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. So far we have 62 of the Tampa Bay social media movers & shakers on-board! An easy swarm!

See you there!