During and immediate following Foursquare Day, there were a lot of fascinating blog posts about the various swarms and festivities. In fact, there now is a steady 160,000 Google hits for “Foursquare Day” so you know we cannot possible have read them all.

But now that we have had some time to catch up, we’ll be post snippets of some of the more interesting Foursquare Day posts. The first one, comes from us from Prague, of the Czech Republic. We were watching them closely, as they were super-organized from the beginning.

As a result of grassroot efforts, 16th April was declared “Foursquare day”. Since Czech people always try to trick and outsmart the others, #prague4sqday was called for 15th April, putting us in the lead. Unsure about number of 4sq users, the meet-up organizers hoped at least 50 users would come, earning this way the “swarm badge” (wondering how many badges are there? I like this list).

It all took place in a famous restaurant Como (in the heart of Prague life – Wenceslas Square), because it is the only place in Prague where you can actually get some bonus for check in (15% discount for every second check-in during happy hours). The place is run by Matesola, a famous food blogger, who helped the geeks enter the mysterious world of chefs, wait stuff, wine distibutors and more. Being one of the first in .cz to try out Twitter for promotion of a venue, seeing him as 4sq poweruser comes as no surprise. The other organizer was Martin Hassman, well known editor / writer / consultant among Czech geeks 🙂

Matesola welcomed us in Como, promised more free drinks (I was driving later, so I got a bottle of non-alcoholic beer as an extra, thanks!) and snacks after Martin’s presentation “Everything you always wanted to know about Foursquare but were afraid to ask”. Available on prezi – but only in Czech. Meanwhile people start to gather in small and liquid circles trying to match the faces and nicknames, meeting old friends and making new ones.

We are putting a call out for guest posts about your awesome Foursquare Day experiences. If you are interested, email info@4sqday.com.