You have probably noticed that things have been a bit quiet here at Foursquare Day headquarters this last week. The reality is that after a few weeks of non-stop Foursquare activity, most all of us volunteers needed to tend to our lives, our families, our jobs, our cars…. You get the idea. We are also currently reorganizing so that we can best move forward. Literally all our effort was on making 4/16 as cool as possible and now with that accomplished we are stepping back, looking at the big picture, and trying to do things the “right way” instead of the “fast way.”

But there has been some activity on the site. You may have seen this page that Jessica put together to showcase the press that out little project has received.It really is astounding. Not only is the list quite long but it is incredibly diverse. It is certainly worth skimming and clicking on a few of the articles.

Here are a few items of note:

  • Mashable/NBC – As our movement was growing so big, so fast around the world, we were a bit surprised that Mashable had no interest in Foursquare Day. None. But at some point they couldn’t ignore the grass roots and so on Foursquare Day we get the amazing Crowley/Mashable/NBC piece.
  • Global Times – This is noteworthy for two reasons. It was the first foreign press we received. And the global times has a readership of something like 100M (yes, 10% of a Billion). China is such a fascinating place when talking about scale.
  • Creative Loafing – I cannot say enough glowing things about about quickly, thoroughly, and well Creative Loafing ran with the Foursquare Day story. As a Tampa publication, they really embraced it and we appreciate their coverage and support during the local swarm at the Hyatt.We look forward to continuing to work with them.
  • Local Press – One element of Foursquare Day that simply cannot be ignored is that due to the speed at which it grow, small businesses and communities had a distict advantage when rallying the event. The large corporations were simply too cumbersome and the giant cities too busy. But in communities like North Andover, Mass, Foursquare Day spread like wildfire.

There were a few letdowns as well. There was talk about New York Times coverage, but that didn’t materialize. BBC America was originally scheduled to come to Bright Eyes to film some lead up to and execution of the Global Swarm, but that fizzed. There may have been some brief coverage on CNN on 4/17, but we can’t find any evidence of it.

Note that we had to draw the line somewhere, otherwise the list would be over 100,000 entries long (number of Google hits for “Foursquare Day” since April 16.) We didn’t include personal blogs in the list. If you feel strongly that your blog entry should qualify as press, please send the link to And if there is other press coverage that we might have missed, please let us know!