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Happy Foursquare Day!

Here’s a couple last minute tips from the Foursquare Day HQ in Tampa, FL!

Hey folks, today is Foursquare Day!

We want to make sure your business gets the most out of the day, so here are a few suggestions:

First, make sure your employees are on board and excited. Tell them that there will be people coming in talking and asking about Foursquare and about your offer. Be friendly and relaxed. You don’t want your customers feeling uncomfortable asking for the special, so ask them!

Second, we have made a sign for you to put up today, or you can make your own announcing that you are a Foursquare day participating venue. If you don’t have a regular Foursquare special, consider one, and announce it to visitors encouraging them to come back often. Be prepared to share with non Foursquare customers what Foursquare is, and how they can get involved, and your special offer. Encourage them to become fans of Foursquare Day as a resource on Facebook, and be sure to get yourself on there and throw in a shout out or two. Also, hop on Twitter and jump in on the hashtag #4sqday. Many of you also have local Foursquare Day organizers and hashtags. Here’s a good place to start looking: Foursquare Day Local Pages on Facebook.

Remember that you have tons of resources at your disposal at 4sqday.com, including history, links, FAQ, etc. Above all, remember this day is about fun and creatively bringing business to your door! Have fun with it! Make the people who check in feel special; this is your chance to make some new fans while rewarding your existing ones.

Don’t forget: There is an official badge, to shoutout at 4:16 local time today, and to try to attend a local Swarm party so you can try for the Swarm and Super Swarm badges! If you’re feeling really frisky, get involved in the Foursquare Day Challenges!

Here are some additional helpful links, (lots more on the Resources Page):

Foursquare for your Business

If you have any questions, to sign up for any updates we send out, would like to help out, become a sponsor: Sign Up Here. If you hate forms or just want to say hi, send us an e-mail at: info@4sqday.com.
Thanks for loving this idea as much as we do!

Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford, Jessica Barnett and the entire Foursquare Day Crew.

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