You may have noticed that when you visit our nifty map at the moment, it loads well but doesn’t show any of the icons.

Foursquare Day has been overwhelmed with responses from all over the world and we simply couldn’t keep up. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we think not being able to keep up with putting everyone on the map is proof of how awesome the support (and participation!) has been. The whole words loves #4sqday!

But you should know that the list of events still works fine and is up-to-date. We are looking into the map and will have it up as soon as humanly possible.

-The Tampa Foursquare Day Crew

PS: It seems itself is down at the moment. And we warned them. So we don’t feel too bad about the map. 🙂  (But we’ll get it back soon!)


Thanks to the awesomeness of Jason Keene, our map was back up in no time.

Oohing and ahhing about the map at the Tampa Swarm