Woot! It is finally Foursquare Day. Time to celebrate!  And, of course, we want to get the hashtag #4sqday trending all day! It is all about getting enough people to tweet #4sqday enough on Twitter.

So that we are successful, here are some suggestions:

  • To celebrate around the world, let’s do the WAVE! Where ever you are at 4:16 pm local, stop and use foursquare to shout “Happy #4sqday!” Then if you see friends in other time zones, feel free to wave back!
  • If you going to tweet something, shout it and include #4sqday! This lets other foursquare users know and gets the hashtag on twitter.
  • Be sure to add #4sqday to all your check-ins!

We’ll be monitoring the twitter trend and will let you all know when we see #4sqday!!

Have fun!