Are you already the “Mayor McCheese” of your local McDonald’s on Foursquare? Get excited because this Friday the 16th could be your lucky day. We are very proud to announce that McDonald’s are joining the celebration of Foursquare Day by offering special deals for Foursquare users on April 16th 2010.

Rick Wion, social media director for McDonald’s said “Foursquare day is a cool way for friends and strangers to connect at the places they love, like McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s is a name known in every corner of the globe and a way of life in most communities around the world. Simon Cousins chief executive of China PR agency, Illuminant Partners said “In my home market of mainland China, McDonald’s restaurants are — quite seriously — romantic date destinations for young adult sweethearts. McDonalds’s occupies a different and much higher position in the social food chain. McDonald’s restaurants are known to be hip, fashion forward, edgy places to meet with a good value for food.”

For such a large company their heart is in supporting local business, McDonald’s is part of communities across the United States and most are run by local businessmen and women. In fact, 85% of McDonald’s 14,000 restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

It’s exciting to have McDonald’s on board in support of Foursquare Day, as they are also a part of the local Tampa social media community with their McDonald’s Tampa Bay twitter account

Stay tuned to the official McDonald’s twitter account at for special deals and Foursquare Day promotions.