I don’t like driving. I miss living in Chicago where I could just take the train everywhere. I don’t have that option now, so I spend a lot of time in the car. In some ways this is nice, because I can listen to music or NPR and just spend time thinking about things.

And of course, since I have this time to kill while driving, I’m always VERY tempted to check email, send tweets/texts or Google something. But I know from some past close calls that if I am using my Blackberry while driving, I am probably no better off than if I were drinking.

So, I have developed a system. First, when I am tempted to reach for my Blackberry while driving, instead of checking twitter or email, I toss it in my daughter’s car seat in the back seat. It is within reach if I need it, but hard enough to get to that I don’t reach for it again.

However, sometimes I really do want to send something out before I get to where I am going. So here is my rule: I only tweet in park. My car must physically be in park so that I am not likely drift lanes or rear-end someone because I am not paying attention. Sometimes this happens at red lights that I know are going to be very long and sometimes I pull off into a parking lot somewhere.

So as we check in tomorrow all over the world and send lots of #4sqday shouts, I am happy that Don’t Twive has joined us. They’ll be sending tweets reminding people to be safe on the road. Consider re-tweeting a few of their tweets, as a reminder to your friends to be safe.

Have fun tomorrow and drive safe!

-Nate BW