This is a guest post by Sandra Farkash, a 6th Grade Math Teacher at Park Maitland School in Maitland, FL. I saw a tweet about what they were doing and asked Ms. Farkash to share. I totally love this! Why didn’t we have math teachers this cool when I was in 6th grade?!? The school even has an awesome blog. – Nate BW

At Park Maitland, we approach math in a real world manner. We want students to see how math applies to their everyday lives, and so we often incorporate current events and new technology. 4square Day provides the perfect opportunity for students to understand how math is being utilized in the latest technology trends and how it helps connect people not only in their community but across the world.

On 4/16, we will be reinforcing the concept of square numbers and giving relevance to the concept of square miles. After first, we will be calculating the circumference and area of the Earth, to tie in with Earth Day celebrations as well as the international aspect of 4square Day. We will then be using Google Earth to determine the 4 square miles around our school to bring a more local aspect to the project. Students will be voting on their 4 favorite places within the 4 square mile area and where they would most frequently “check in” and at what frequency. At the end of the day after all the classes have voted, we will determine the single favorite “check in” where I will officially do a “check in” on behalf of the sixth grade students for Park Maitland School.