There have been a lot of rumors, and we received this badge from multiple sources in the last 18 hours. The Foursquare Team already officially recognized April 16th as Foursquare Day (that’s 4sqday for short). Today, they let us in early on the announcement that this will be the badge awarded to those who participate on Friday.

Now, I know what you’re already thinking: “We love this awesome badge! We love Foursquare and 4sqday! What do we need to do to get this badge?!”

That my friends, I unfortunately can’t tell you yet. But Foursquare has advised we can announce that in about 24 hours. My advice? Spend a few minutes today and check out this page. I made that so everyone can see all the related links we’ve gathered about 4/16, the first social media holiday.  Click around, get ready, spread the word, and stay tuned!

Jessica Barnett, @redheadjessica

PS: Thanks to @lightyoruichi for being one of the first to bring this to our attention!