The Foursquare Day event is catching on in every corner of the globe. In just a few short weeks, fans and new initiates of Foursquare and social media at large have self organized to plan and launch the first ever Foursquare Day. We created a website to help aggregate information about the many Swarm Parties and exclusive Specials on Foursquare day, but just browsing lists of information didn’t quite capture what was really going on.

We’ve created the Foursquare Day map so you can see where people are participating both near you and all over the world. See who’s throwing events where, and who is offering special deals for Friday only, so you can start planning your day now! As new events are listed to the website, they’ll automatically pop up on the map, so you can watch the movement grow. We hope you enjoy!

Check it out!

Oohing and ahhing about the map at the Tampa Swarm