Note: During the earlier evolution of Foursquare Day, I wrote this post for Frank Angelone’s site, Social Tech Zone.  I have since talked to him several times and asked him for an interview. – Nate

Nate: From our previous conversations, I know that you are a Gowalla fan. Can you tell me why?

Well, at first, I didn’t see the value in using any geo location site.  I didn’t understand it.  Since I am addicted to social media hardcore and using different social networks, not understand what this geo location stuff was about was frustrating.

However, after watching keynotes from Gary Vaynerchuk and listening to him share the importance of geo location…I saw the value.  I went from thinking geo location is going to have privacy issues to…this site is a potential game changer.  I’m a fan of Gowalla because Gary mentioned he was an Angel Investor in the company.  Since I’m inspired by what he does and he’s motivated me with pursuing my dreams, I felt using Gowalla was a safe bet. I mean who wouldn’t trust a guy who’s built a multi million dollar business?

Is it true that you plan to do your first geo-location check in using Gowalla on Foursquare Day?

Yes.  I will be doing my first check in via Gowalla on Foursquare Day.  Now you may be wondering, why am I not doing my first check in via Foursquare?  Well, as I mentioned, I felt influenced to use Gowalla since someone I trusted was investing with the company.  Also, how ironic is it that I’m using Foursquare’s competitor on Foursquare Day?!  I thought that could possibly bring some attention my way and curiosity from others.

You know, Foursquare Day is really open to all social media lovers, not just foursquare users. In fact, people even use Gowalla to check into the Foursquare Day Global Planning Meeting! But anyway, what promoted you to choose Foursquare Day?

Actually, thanks to Cate from She made me aware of Foursquare Day and introduced me to you.  THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!  After getting to talk with you more and some of the people on your Foursquare Day Team, I really thought this was a brilliant idea.  It was one of those ideas that was so original that I wondered why I didn’t think of it!  So, I thought I’d try to be apart of this day as much as I could.

As the editor of Social Tech Zone, what have your thought about the development of Foursquare Day?

I thought the development of Foursquare Day has been growing at an extremely rapid pace.  It’s quite shocking to see how many people are getting involved and seeing other states get involved bringing their own swarm of people together.  I believe that Foursquare Day is only going to continue to grow and once the people at publicize this day…the event is going to reach an extremely large user base.  This will further the expansion of Foursquare Day for years to come.

Do you think this will be a day that is remembered or just one-time event?

I think this is a day that people will remember.  Too much time and effort has been put in to grow this event to the capacity that it has grown to at this point.  However, to continue to keep the interest up for Foursquare Day, activity needs to continue all year round.  Otherwise, like any website or company, it dies down.  I don’t think that would be the case here because everyone seems very passionate about it and would continue the trend all year round until the next Foursquare Day comes around.

Yes, the global planning team does wonder what is next… Anything else you’d like to add?

I hope everyone enjoys the day and does their fair share of check ins.  Also, keep an eye out for my first check in EVER!  I’m hoping the company or location that I do my first check in gets a lot of traffic.  That’s the whole thing with these geo-location sites.  As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “If a place is offering you a free glass of beer for checking in, you’re checking in.”  (I re-worded that around a little.)  If you would like to hear about my first check in…follow me on Twitter @frankangelone and I’m always looking for people interested in guest blogging/interviewing about social media or technology to build my blogging network  If you’re interested, email me