Just when I start to think that Foursquare Day cannot get any cooler or bigger or more interesting, it does. Someone on the team takes what was already an amazing idea and makes it even better. And after just a few weeks, there are now so many amazing things going on it is hard to keep track.

The “Global Swarm” has become one of my favorite parts of Foursquare Day. On April 16th, lots of people will be throwing swarm parties all over the world. Some of them are participating in Swarm Challenges. But what is even more exciting that, to me anyway, is that we are going to connect these swarms as best we possibly can – the Global Swarm.

Here is the idea:  We are encouraging all swarm parties to live stream their swarms via ustream or similar application.  Send us the link and we’ll catalog and track them all, that way everyone can check out the other swarms that are going on.

But even better is this: we are going to do Skype “video check ins” with as many swarms as we can. This has taken some coordination due to differing time zones and schedules, but the result is impressive, considering the limited time we have had to organize it.

From earliest to latest, the Global Swarm video check ins are with:

We certainly may add more as the date nears. We have an open invitation to any member of the Foursquare team. I have a contact in South Africa that I am working out the details with. If you or someone you know lives in South America, that would help round out the geography.

And if you don’t have a swarm party to go to then organize one.