Things are moving amazingly quickly! It has been less than 24 hours since the swarm challenge concept was posted and already we have these known challenges:

  • North Andover challenged Little Rock
  • Tampa challenged NYC
  • Pittsburgh challenged Tampa
  • San Francisco challenged Portland
  • Melbourne challenged Sydney
  • Atlanta challenged Denver
  • Pune, India challenged Bellafontaine, Ohio
  • Beijing challenged Los Angeles


  • Kuala Lumpur challenged Hong Kong!
  • Beijing challenged Shanghai
  • Richmond, VA challenged Roanoke, VA

Pay attention to this page, because we’ll be tracking the Swarm Challenges here and tweeting updates with the hastag #swarmchal. And of course, when the dust settles, we’ll announce the WINNERS!

And just to keep it interesting, here are rumors and questions we’ve been hearing….

  • We know that DC is mulling it over, choosing their victims with care!
  • Cincinnati is Sharp and primed for a challenge, is anyone going to step up?
  • Where is my dear Chicago in all of this?