When it comes to something new, it is often our nature to sit on the sideline and observe, trying to figure everything out before jumping into the game with the other kids.  Social media such as Foursquare is no different. First, we watch to see what the rules are, what is acceptable and what others are doing, and then we hesitantly approach looking for an opportunity to get involved…THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!

Foursquare Day is the perfect chance to dive in with the largest group of new players entering the game at once, making it easy to watch and learn while participating. The 4SQDay team is here to help you, think of us as player coaches, we are all involved because we love social media and the opportunities it provides us with. Who would have imagined that an Optometrist (Dr. Nate) with a love of social media would throw out an idea that so many would get involved with; that is the power of social media. You do not have to spend a lot of money, you just need to be open and share.

4/16 is the perfect reason to try location based social media with Foursquare being one of several, but my personal favorite (Foursquare vs Gowalla). Sign up and link up with your friends it’s easy, see simple slide overview here. Now go out and explore the businesses on there, and enter your favorite, yet to be discovered locations, so others can discover them too. Talk to the businesses you visit often and ask them to get involved, just send them to http://www.4SQDAY.com to find out more and enter their special or have them contact Head of Lettuce Media who is offering free coaching for businesses looking to get involved in Foursquare Day but need that little extra hand holding in figuring out what to do. Either way get involved and get them involved.

Businesses Get involved, it is not so important how you get involved, but that you get involved. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and if you wait, you will be one of those looking back thinking, I had a chance to get involved back during the first Foursquare Day, and I blew it.

Antony Francis, Head of Lettuce Media