Foursquare Day’s global team, under the honorable Mayorship of Foursquare Day creator @NateBW, hereby announces FOURSQUARE DAY CHALLENGES! Think your city’s swarm is gonna kick butt? Prove it by challenging another city.  Across the world, its cities against cities, venues against venues, bars against bars!

The inaugural FOURSQUARE DAY CHALLENGE is issued by @NateBW himself:

“Hey New York! You think you’re the home of Foursquare, huh?  Well try to beat our MASSIVE FOURSQUARE DAY SWARM in Tampa, Florida, birthplace of Foursquare Day!”

Nate also helpfully added, “Global trash talk rocks!”

The challenge has been thrown down, Swarmers.  Send us your Foursquare Day Challenges according to the rules below and we’ll post them right here on the official Foursquare Day website.


  1. Foursquare Day cities that issue and accept challenges must have registered their city’s Swarm Event on the official Foursquare Day website.
  2. Foursquare Day venues that issue and accept challenges must be hosting a Swarm event on Foursquare Day (4/16/2010) and have their event registered on the official Foursquare Day website.
  3. The challenge must be issued on Twitter with a tweet including the hashtag #swarmchal.  The challenged must “RT” (re-tweet) the tweet with indication of their acceptance.
  4. The challenger is then responsible to email the challenge details to
  5. During the Foursquare Day swarm, the challenge issuer and acceptor must take a real, honest-to-goodness photo of the Foursquare app running on a smartphone at the venue, showing the number of check-ins.  The photo should be emailed to
  6. Each challenge will have its own blog posting on the official Foursquare Day blog where winners will be adjudicated by Mayor Nate and the global grassroots Foursquare Day community will ensure that there is tons of argument if anything looks faked.
  7. Foursquare Day global crew reserves the right to tweak these rules to make ’em clearer or more fair.

Get to it, Swarmers!

Mayor Nate and the Foursquare Day global crew in Tampa, FL.