We’re really excited about getting the website up, and hope you are, too! Haven’t seen it yet?! Check it out!

The Official Foursquare Day Site

While we’re busy working out some of the bugs, please be patient. Our Team has been working around the clock to get this off the ground. We are absolutely astounded by the world-wide response to Foursquare Day. YOU are truly making April 16 the first global social media holiday!

You may not know this, but Foursquare Day is an all-volunteer, grass-roots effort. Foursquare has been supportive of our efforts, but we are not on payroll and have not received financial support from them. We have succeeded solely due to the burning of the midnight oil of our volunteers and the support of some local businesses who believe in the cause.

If you appreciate the work that we’ve done and would like to contribute with a financial donation, simply click the button below. It would mean a lot to us.


– The Tampa Foursquare Day Crew